send in the gourds

Hi! I hope you’re doing well. It was a beautiful day here in NY, and I’m feeling good.

A few things to share, this week.

First, a poem called “Blackout,” by Michael Dhyne. I literally gasped when I read the opening lines of this: “I found you / from nearly every angle, / become soft, become / edgeless. Your body / not ash, or water / or language.” Also: “I remember / nothing of those years, only that I began / hearing myself like music / in the bodies of others.” So, so good.

Second, I listened to the Beanie Feldstein episode of Armchair Expert last week, and I really loved it. Around the 1:19:00 mark, she talks about falling in love with the producer of a film she was in, and it is *very cute.*

Lastly: I’m starting to write this thing I’ve wanted to write for a while, and to get ready to write that thing, I’ve been reading a lot of interviews with musicians. Two I have especially liked include this one, with Angel Olsen, on her new album, and this one, with Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell, two musicians who are also married to each other. My favorite part:

AS: That makes me want to cry. Don’t make me cry.
JI: Don’t do that. Have some of these nuts.

Except that almost all the songs they sing together make me want to cry. (I mean!)

That’s all for this time— I hope you have a fabulous weekend. 🍁

— M

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